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4 Questions To Ask Your Divorce Lawyer

Are you looking for a family lawyer to represent you in divorce proceedings? Your choice of lawyer could significantly affect the outcome of the case. The article below discusses a few questions you should ask your divorce lawyer to evaluate his or her competence and ability to represent you during a divorce. 

1. What is Your Experience? 

Inquire about the lawyer's experience and winning history. Lawyers with years of experience in family law may know how to guarantee a positive outcome in your divorce case. For instance, they are excellent negotiators and will use a variety of tactics to ensure you come to a reasonable agreement.

You should be concerned about the lawyer's reputation. Avoid lawyers accused of duping clients and providing poor services.

2. What is the Due Process? 

The lawyer should explain what you should expect once the divorce proceedings commence. In most cases, the lawyer will begin by gathering evidence. For instance, if your spouse does not provide for your children, your lawyer will gather evidence to use in child custody proceedings. Subsequently, the lawyer will contact your spouse and inform them of your intent to divorce. In Australia, the family court encourages divorcing couples to settle their affairs through an out of court settlement. If the negotiations bear fruit, your lawyers will draw parenting and financial orders explaining how you will raise your kids and divide your property.

3. What is the Likely Outcome of the Case? 

Experienced lawyers can evaluate your situation and inform you of a likely outcome. This evaluation is vital since it may influence your decision of whether or not to divorce. For instance, if you stand to lose a significant portion of your family business, you could opt to work on your marriage or separate as opposed to divorcing. 

4. How Much Do You Charge? 

You must understand the lawyer's pricing strategy. For instance, how much retainer does the lawyer need? Does the lawyer charge a fixed price, or does he or she charge per hour? What extra costs are you likely to incur? Ask for quotes from a few reputable lawyers. Do not go for the cheapest. Instead, choose one whom you feel will offer quality services at a reasonable cost.

With inadequate cash, you could ask for pro-bono services. Besides, some lawyers provide free legal advice and help you organise your divorce papers.  

Choosing a divorce lawyer should not be difficult with the above tips. Examine the lawyer's experience, reputation, and pricing strategy. Besides, the professional should have excellent people skills. 

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