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Top Tips When Selling Your Home

Are you planning to sell your home? Without a proper plan, selling your home may prove to be a difficult task. Read the extract below for some home-selling tips. 

Why Are You Selling Your Home? 

Most people sell their homes to move into a bigger and more appealing property. It would be challenging to sell the house while you are still living in it. With inadequate funds, you could opt for a bridging finance loan that enables you to move into your new home before selling your old home.

Home Improvements

Make your house appealing to buyers. Therefore, consider home improvement projects such as repainting the house, repairing broken tiles and leaking roofs, adopting an open-living concept and improving your home's lighting. Water your lawn, wash the pavements and clear your backyard. Most banks will give construction loans or refinance your mortgage to ensure you have sufficient funds to renovate your home.

Consider Hiring a Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent will significantly ease the house-selling process. He or she will organise an appraisal to ensure you sell the house at a profit. Experienced agents have many networks that they use to sell houses. Besides, they will advertise your home in local dailies, social media and on their websites. The agent will vet buyers interested in the property and organise home visits for serious customers. Do not leave sentimental items such as expensive wall paintings, carpets and flower vases in your home during home visits. Some buyers will assume that these items are included in the sale.  

Work With an Experienced Conveyancer  

A conveyancer handles the legal aspects of selling the property. He or she will ensure that the sale does not expose you to future prosecution. For instance, you must disclose any defects on the property through writing. For example, your property could be built on contaminated land or may have a poor stormwater drainage system. The conveyancer will negotiate the purchase price with the buyer's conveyancer, organise a property inspection and write the contract of sale.

Your choice of conveyancer must be experienced in the sale of residential property. Further, he or she must have an excellent reputation and should be licensed to work in your state. Choose a conveyancer in your area who will have a good understanding of local properties.

When selling your home, consider moving out before listing the property, conduct improvements to increase your home's appeal and work with an experienced real estate agent and conveyancer. 

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