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Understand What Writing an Accurate and Elaborate Will Entails

Though writing a will is a good idea, don't assume that there won't be someone willing to contest it. Even if you have no one to contest the will itself, you may have someone preparing to fight over the inheritance bequeathed in it. Whether either of these scenarios are likely or not, always ensure your will is written correctly to prevent property disputes over the immovable or movable assets. Here is how you write a balanced will, according to advice from wills and estates lawyers.

Ensure All Details in Your Will Are Correct

The details you include in the will should be correct whether you are writing it alone or with the help of an estate lawyer. Working with will-makers is a good idea, but should affirm they are certified and experienced in writing wills. Most of the easily contested wills are those with wrong or inaccurate details. The personal details you put in a will should include the correct date, place, address and names. Give full names and elaborate on your relationship with the beneficiaries. Describe your assets precisely and sign the will as two trusted witnesses watch.

Indicate What You Have Gifted Others

Some people don't leave everything they have to their children or spouses as an inheritance, but they gift them to other people or charitable organisations. They do it while alive, but this can be contested if no written document supports the gift. Assets such as jewelry, artwork or artifacts can be gifted to others, but a legal procedure should be involved. You sign a document known as a gift deed that indicates that a gift was transferred without money exchange. A gift deed is different from a will in that it's irrevocable once it's executed. However, it's not advisable to give property as a gift if it won't be reflected in the will.

Update the Will When Necessary

Yes, you wrote the will, but this doesn't mean the job is completely done. Anything can happen and affect the status of your heirs or assets, and this means the will you wrote won't be appropriate anymore. Draft another will that accommodates those inevitable changes to avoid unforeseen problems. You can update your will many times, depending on the changes that affect your assets and their redistribution. Updating your will requires you to include a declaration indicating that other executed documents and the previous will have been revoked and that the updated will is your final will.

It's advisable to write a living will if you suffer from a debilitating or terminal disease. The will indicates the treatment or treatment withdrawal you want. Here, you leave your health decisions in the hands of a reliable executor. Writing a will helps you to die with dignity even though writing it a tedious and elaborate process. Now you know what to think through if you want to avoid an erroneous will. For help with this process, reach out to a local estate lawyer such as CJM Lawyers.

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