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Can an Individual Breed and Sell Puppies and Kittens?

Some people have had a pet dog or cat at their side all the way through their life. It's not surprising that they may have developed quite an affinity for these four-legged friends and may want to help others understand the joy of pet ownership. In this case, they may understand how lucrative pet breeding can be and that certain breeds can bring in a pretty penny when sold on the open market. However, they should also understand the various rules and regulations associated with breeding, especially when it comes to doing so at home. Is this an option in your situation?

Population Control

Local governments are very concerned about stray cats or dogs and how they can cause so many issues in the community. These animals might not have been spayed or neutered and may make the problem even worse as time goes by. As this increasingly large population scavenges for food, chaos can ensue.

Dealing With the Issue

This is why laws have been introduced to try and control the issue and to keep tabs on just how many new dogs and cats arrive each year. All breeders must, therefore, be regulated and must take their own responsibility for this situation.

Consequently, each breeder has to complete an initial registration process, and each new owner must also do their own bit to register their pet once it is in their possession.

Owner Registration

As you may know, a new pet must be fitted with a microchip as soon as possible and it will have to be spayed or neutered before it gets to be six months old in most circumstances. These microchip details have to be logged on a central registry so that the authorities know exactly where each animal is or, crucially, where it came from.

Breeder Registration

You may not know, however, that breeders have to go through a formal approval process before they can set up and trade. This will require them to show that they have accepted practices in place, that the facility is suitable and that they will conform with the various regulations. Consequently, it's very difficult for a private individual to breed puppies or kittens at home and to sell them into the open marketplace. After all, they won't have the right levels of registration and will effectively be breaking the law.

Moving Forward

If you're still adamant that you want to proceed and understand the challenge ahead, it's best to get legal advice at every stage. Talk with a lawyer who understands pet laws, as they will know the ins and outs of the procedure and can steer you in the right direction.

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