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Top Tips for Choosing the Right Debt Collection Agency

The supply industry is not without hurdles, and suppliers have no option but to evolve with the market demands. For instance, the supply chain had to adapt to rapidly changing consumer demands in as far as delivery of products is concerned, and this has been a significant challenge for suppliers. That is why suppliers need adequate resources to improve service delivery. However, if customers fail to honour their debt obligations, then the suppliers and the supply chain suffers. That is why hiring the right debt collection agency is critical since it saves suppliers time and guarantees payment by debtors. This article highlights tips for choosing a debt collector.

Consider the Return on Investment

A common mistake most suppliers make when hiring a debt collection agency is to focus on the price of the service. See, debt collectors keep a percentage of the total debt collected, and the rate varies with the complexity of the case. Therefore, easy-to-collect debts attract a lower percentage, while challenging debts demand a high percentage. However, this should not be the case because a debt collector who charges a lower percentage does not have the incentive to maximise debt collection. You should only choose an agency that guarantees the recovery of more debt, even if the firm charges a higher fee.

Collection Rate Report

When looking for a debt collector, most suppliers consult business colleagues that had the privilege of engaging the services of an agency. However, while referrals make the selection process easier, it is not enough to point you in the right direction. That is why you need to look at a debt collector's reports regarding their collection rate. Although not mandatory, collection agencies need to report collection rates regularly. The data act as proof of performance that debt collectors must be ready to produce upon request by an interested client. The more cases the debt collector has closed, the higher the collection rate.  

Understanding of Various Collection Methods

Different debt collectors prefer different collection methods; therefore, you should keep this in mind when evaluating an agency. Some agencies use aggressive approaches to debt collection, such as auctioneering assets. Others, on the other hand, prefer pre-legal methods such as mediation or arbitration, which often produce positive conclusions, thus saving the relationships of the creditor and debtor. An excellent collection agency should use both methods, and most importantly, know when to apply each approach. You can rest assured that your debt collector will deal with and recover debts from both problematic and reasonable debtors.

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