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Top Tips When Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

Hiring an experienced divorce lawyer can significantly improve the outcome of your divorce case. So, how do you choose a divorce lawyer? The excerpt below discusses some helpful tips. 


Examine the lawyer's reputation on law blogs and social media. Some concerns should include the following:

  • Does the lawyer respond to client inquiries on time?
  • What is the lawyer's history with winning cases?
  • How does the lawyer handle client disputes?
  • Does the lawyer have professional indemnity insurance? 


Look for a lawyer who is familiar with divorce law. Examine the lawyer's expertise during your first consultation. For instance, the lawyer should evaluate your situation to determine if you meet the minimum requirements for divorce. In Australia, your marriage must be legal. Further, you must be separated for not less than one year. Your lawyer should also help you prepare for divorce. For instance, he or she will help you work out a financial plan that ensures you can pay your mortgage and pay for your children's education.

Some people think divorce is a way to punish their partners. Heading to divorce with a win-win mentality might frustrate your lawyer's efforts of getting a reasonable deal. Further, your lawyer will guide you on how to conduct yourself during the divorce. For instance, you should not defy court orders or produce fake documents in court.  

Communication and Investigative Skills

Your lawyer must be an excellent communicator. In most cases, people divorce through a negotiation or mediation process. As such, your lawyer must be a skilled negotiator. For instance, he or she must know when to be aggressive and when to elicit sympathy from the other party. He or she should critically evaluate the offers presented and determine if they are reasonable. 

Your lawyer may have to gather evidence against your spouse. For instance, if you suspect that your spouse has been hiding property or siphoning funds from a joint trust, your lawyer will gather sufficient evidence to support the claim in court. You may also need witnesses or CCTV recordings to prove that your spouse is violent. 


Some lawyers will give a free initial consultation to entice clients to hire them. Check the lawyer's pricing strategy before deciding to work with them. Some solicitors have a fixed fee while others charge per hour. Pay attention to extra charges and ask if a discount is possible. 

Choosing a divorce lawyer could not be any easier. Examine the lawyer's reputation, communication and investigation skills, competence and pricing strategy. Contact a family lawyer to learn more.

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