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Various Defences for Domestic Violence Cases

Have you been accused of domestic violence? When you are facing domestic violence charges, it is possible to get the case against you dropped. While you are not obliged by law to hire an experienced domestic violence lawyer to handle your case, asking one to fight for you is your best bet for winning the case.

Depending on your situation, there are various defence strategies that adomestic violence lawyec can employ to get your case dismissed. Take a look at some of the most common defences for domestic violence below. 

You Did Not Do It

Accused of perpetrating domestic violence you know nothing about? It is not uncommon to hear of cases where someone has been wrongfully charged with domestic violence. 

If the plaintiff has lied, has no injuries to show that they got harmed or you have credible alibis to prove that you couldn't have been the one that inflicted the injuries on them, you can walk scot-free based on the fact that you have been falsely accused. 

It Was an Accident

Sometimes, you can inflict an injury on another person unintentionally. Accidentally harming someone without intending to do so can't be used to convict you of domestic violence. 

If the medical reports filed in court show that the plaintiff's pattern of injuries could only be caused by an accident, then you can be acquitted of domestic violence charges.

You Inflicted Injury While Defending Yourself

Was there a physical confrontation between you and your accuser? Were you pushed into harming them purely as an act of self-defense? If executed well, self-defence is one of the best defence strategies for domestic violence defendants.

Your self-defence strategy may help you get acquitted if you can prove in court that you did not provoke the confrontation and that the plaintiff posed a threat to your life. It is not uncommon for domestic violence victims to fail to mention that they started the fight and they also threatened the safety of the person they are accusing of domestic violence.

Lack of Sufficient Evidence 

For you to be convicted of a domestic violence charge or any other criminal offence, it should be proven beyond reasonable doubt that you committed the offence. The burden of proof lies with the police. If the police can't provide sufficient evidence that you perpetrated the act of domestic violence, then your case may be dismissed.

Getting acquitted of domestic violence charges is no easy task, but the right lawyer that can help to get the case dismissed. Contact a domestic violence lawyer in your specific state to discuss the best options for defending your case.

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