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What Are 'No Win, No Fee' Injury Lawyers?

Lawyers are expensive for most people, meaning you can experience a difficult time when trying to claim compensation but can't afford a decent lawyer to represent you.

Consider 'no win, no fee' injury lawyers; these are highly skilled lawyers who represent people who cannot afford lawyer fees. The agreement is that the lawyers will represent you without payment, and you can pay them after they win your case. If they lose the case, you do not have to pay them.

This is a great deal, but note and understand the following:

'No Win, No Fee' Injury Lawyers Do Not Accept All Cases

'No win, no fee' injury lawyer cases start when you present a lawyer with your case. He or she will go through it to find out whether it is winnable or not; you may be asked several questions. The lawyer may also need to carry out some fact-finding research and talk to a few people, like witnesses if any were present.

Once this is complete, the 'no win, no fee' injury lawyer will inform you whether he or she will take your case or not. If the lawyer takes the case, it means that the chances are high that you have a winnable case.

Where Do You Start?

Identify the context of your injury; for example, were you injured at work or did you receive the wrong treatment at a hospital? These are two different contexts that will often be handled by two different lawyers. What does this mean?

If you are injured at work, look for 'no win, no fee' injury lawyers working in the work-related injury claims department. Likewise, if you received the wrong treatment at a medical centre, look for a 'no win, no fee' injury lawyer working in the department of medical negligence claims.

What Do You Do Next?

Contact the law firm, give a summary of your situation and then book an appointment. A lawyer will be assigned to your case; explain to him or her your situation, leaving out no information, regardless of how simple or stupid you think it might sound.  

The lawyer will listen to you carefully and then ask you questions later. These questions help the lawyer understand your case better and find out whether it is winnable. Three things may occur: the lawyer may inform you that they will take your case, to wait for a few days for a response or that they can't take your case.

If you are told to wait for a few days, more research or facts are required. Therefore, the response after the waiting period can be that they will take your case or that they won't.

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