Under Arrest: Your Guide to Criminal Law

4 Questions To Ask Your Divorce Lawyer

Are you looking for a family lawyer to represent you in divorce proceedings? Your choice of lawyer could significantly affect the outcome of the case. The article below discusses a few questions you should ask your divorce lawyer to evaluate his or her competence and ability to represent you during a divorce.  1. What is Your Experience?  Inquire about the lawyer's experience and winning history. Lawyers with years of experience in family law may know how to guarantee a positive outcome in your divorce case. Read More 

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Under Arrest: Your Guide to Criminal Law

Being arrested by the police can be a super scary experience. When you are in a police interview room or cell, you may not always be able to think clearly. That's where our blog comes in. The articles published here are designed to pre-arm you with the knowledge you need to survive what could be a legally difficult situation. We will look at subjects such as your rights when arrested, how to find the best criminal attorney, and the court process. Although none of us are legal professionals, we all take an interest in current criminal law in this country.

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