Under Arrest: Your Guide to Criminal Law

Why Full and Frank Disclosure Is Crucial in the Family Law Court

Many a previously loving marriage has ended in failure and, unfortunately, a degree of acrimony. When this happens, it can lead to bad feelings on both sides and may complicate matters at settlement time. In this case, one of the parties may decide to protect their position and may fail to reveal some of their assets in an attempt to minimise the damage. If you suspect that your 'ex' may be less than forthcoming, what can you do? Read More 

4 Ways of Adjusting the Terms of an Irrevocable Trust Fund

According to current estate laws, irrevocable trust funds, once established,  can't be easily modified by any party. People typically set up irrevocable trusts to ensure that beneficiaries receive their share of the estate as planned. The stable structure of an irrevocable trust will make it harder for unnecessary changes to be made—changes that may ultimately affect what your beneficiaries get. However, there are cases where an irrevocable trust also needs to be modified. Read More 

Is Working With a Local Conveyancing Solicitor Better?

Finding and buying your dream home can be challenging, especially if you are a first-timer. You have to conduct endless searches online and visit different areas to check them. Once you find a property you like, you will need to ensure you are getting the best deal possible and that the documents are in order. Handling all these tasks isn't easy and that's why most property buyers prefer working with conveyancing solicitors. Read More 

How To Prepare For Divorce

Do you intend to divorce your spouse? Separation and divorce can be emotionally traumatising. Read the extract below to know how you can prepare for divorce.  Examine the Impact of the Divorce Divorce is not always the right option. Think about your kids and joint property. For instance, if you run the family business with your spouse, would the divorce affect your relationship with the various publics? Children with special needs may have a difficult time adapting to the absence of one parent. Read More 

Can an Individual Breed and Sell Puppies and Kittens?

Some people have had a pet dog or cat at their side all the way through their life. It's not surprising that they may have developed quite an affinity for these four-legged friends and may want to help others understand the joy of pet ownership. In this case, they may understand how lucrative pet breeding can be and that certain breeds can bring in a pretty penny when sold on the open market. Read More 

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Under Arrest: Your Guide to Criminal Law

Being arrested by the police can be a super scary experience. When you are in a police interview room or cell, you may not always be able to think clearly. That's where our blog comes in. The articles published here are designed to pre-arm you with the knowledge you need to survive what could be a legally difficult situation. We will look at subjects such as your rights when arrested, how to find the best criminal attorney, and the court process. Although none of us are legal professionals, we all take an interest in current criminal law in this country.

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